What are you supposed to do if you fail to complete IGNOU program within the maximum duration of the program

Have you failed to complete your IGNOU Programme within the maximum duration of that programme and thinking what to do next? Before you give up your study career here make sure you read this post. I hope this will save your study.

This so often happens to students that they fail to complete their course within the duration the maximum duration of their relative programs because of several reasons. One of the most common reason is that the students never take the courses seriously and in result of that they fail in that particular course in every attempt they make.

Usually in IGNOU you get 6 years to complete your graduation and 5 years for post graduation program. In most of the cases the students easily completes the course within the given duration as 5 or 6 years is a way long time to complete any course.

But unfortunately some students fails to complete the course within the maximum duration and ends their study life thinking they have wasted almost 6 years and have achieved nothing and they no longer need certificate as it may take them to get the admission to the graduation or post-graduation program again. Its obvious feeling as who would like to take admission again to the same course that one took admission to about a 5 or 6 years ago?

Some of the main reasons noticed for the in-completions of the programs within maximum duration:

1. Since IGNOU is an open university, most of the students of IGNOU are job holders who does not have enough time to attend class because of their busy work life. And because of that busy work schedule they sometimes even fail to appear in the term-end examinations and because of that they fail to even complete their course within the duration.

2. The most common reason for failing to complete the program within maximum duration is that usually students pass all the courses but fail to clear that one course which is probably the toughest course in their programme.
       Yes it is true, there are few courses in IGNOU that are very tough to pass For example, MTE-06 is a course of Mathematics which is very tough to pass and most of  the student's have failed to clear it one attempt or even in several attempt.
        If you too are struggling with any one of such course then let us know in the comment and we will guide you exactly how to pass that course.

3. Even it is seen that most students doesn't pay attention to the program at first knowing they can get the facility to sit for term-end examination all together at the final year and can still get promoted to 2nd year and 3rd year without sitting for any exams. But in the end they end up failing to complete the program within the duration. 

4. Another reason for being unable to complete the Programme within the maximum duration is failing in the project. There are some courses in which doing project is compulsory. Doing project on own is a huge challenge specially for IGNOU students because there will be no one to guide you. AMT-01 is an example of such course where project is compulsory.
       If you too are struggling with AMT-01 or any other project  then let us know and we will surely  guide you.

5. Finally, last but not the least, it is even seen that many students fail in the assignments. As you know you need to pass the assignment along with the theory examination in order to pass any particular course.

       Hence if you too failed to clear the Programme within the maximum duration because of Assignments then go ahead and let s know and we make sure you clear your assignment in the very next attempt.

       Any of the above given reasons maybe valid for you and you have failed to complete the Programme within the duration and its really the feeling where one feels as loser and may feel humiliated seeing their juniors ahead of them.

Although it is still fine to pass Graduation at the age of 55 or 75 or 18, what really matters is passing and not the age. But why to wait till you  are 55 to pass the graduation if  you can pass it now?

     You must be wondering how now? Since you wasted your duration and need to get admission to the Programme again and then again it will at least take 3 years to complete the Graduation or at least 2 years to pass out Post-Graduation isn't it?

     But no, life is all about a second chance and IGNOU is there to give you a second chance to complete your current programme. You can add 2 years more to your Programme duration by simply doing the re-registration.

What should you do to extend the duration of your Programme?

You simply don't need to loose hope. IGNOU provides a special facility to the students who fails to complete their program within the maximum span.

All you need to do is  to go to the regional center and ask for the re-registration form for the students who fails to complete the program within the maximum duration. You can even fill the re-registration form online.
You need to pay for the complete semester and you can get additional 2 years more to complete yLocation
our current program. We provide you the re-registration form below.

                     Re-admission Form


       As said earlier in the very first paragraph, you don't really need to give up and end your education. IGNOU will provide you not one or two but four chances every six months to appear in the term-end examination and pass out the courses that are left or to complete the assignment or project.
       take a deep breathe, get the re-registration done and this time make sure you focus more on studies and less on other stuffs as you have already given it so many years so giving it next few months more is worth it.

P.S: Kindly review the provided information on IGNOU's official website as well to make sure there is no changes made by IGNOU. 

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