Download Study Materials of Non-Credit Programmes, IGNOU 

Properly planned self-instructional print material is the mainstay. Having study materials is very important as without it students may find it difficult to cope up with their syllabus. Although the university provides the study materials to every student but sometimes the delivery of study materials gets delayed due to various reasons.
                                                                 As said earlier, students are supposed to write the assignments of the courses that student opts for and to solve the assignments, the study material is very helpful. Not just to solve the assignments but also to study the course the study material is very helpful as the study material is self-instructional in nature. One can easily go through all the lessons on their own. Lessons, which are called Units, are structured to facilitate self-study.
                                                                                                            Hence, having study material is important for you if you are Ignou student. But in case your study material has not arrived yet then you don’t need to worry a lot since the pdf versions of all those study materials are available online easily, which can be downloaded and can be kept in computers, tabs, phones, etc.
                                                                                                               Below we have provide you the links to download the Ignou study materials that you need and also we have mentioned the referral books which you must have with you for the deep study of that course or topic or subject.

List of Study Materials of Non-Credit Programmes:

  • Click here for Study Materials of Training Programme on Betel Vine for Farmers (Two   Weeks)                                                                                                                                          
  • Click here for Study Materials of Certificate in Integrated Pest Management Technology in Potato Cultivation                                                                                                                     
  • Click here for Study Materials of Awareness Programme on Dairy Farming                        
  •  Click here for Study Material of Awareness Programme on Value Added Products from  Fruits and Vegetables                                                                                                                   
  • Click here for Study Materials of Certificate in Motor Cycle Service and Repair                
  • Click here for Study Material of Appreciation Course on Environment                                 

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