No matter how intelligent or clever you are, you are going to be judged on the basis of Grades that you score in examinations. But when it comes to IGNOU it may seem like even passing examinations is very difficult, good grades are things of next level.

7 Steps to pass Ignou examinations with good grades 

   If you too think its very difficult to pass IGNOU examinations and score good Grades then you are going to be proved wrong in the next few paragraphs. And the bonus thing is that you will learn how to pass IGNOU examinations easily on your own and score good grades.

   Before you start preparing for the term-end examinations, make sure you follow the following steps that are given below.

7 Steps to follow to pass IGNOU Examinations with good grades

1.   Have reference books along with the Study Materials 

First of all, you must read the syllabus of the courses that you have opted for and try to gather the reference books along with the study materials provided in order to cover the syllabus in details. You may not find all the topics been covered in details in the study material blocks provided by Ignou.

2.    Study at least 2-3 hours everyday

Try to study everyday for at least 2-3 hours. Without studying its not gonna work. Staying in touch with the topics helps a lot and in fact is the main key to success.

3.    Make a well organized note 

Make notes of every points and topics that you feel are important. Having a well organized note is a bonus and a must have during examination preparations. You remember the stuffs more that you write than the stuffs that you only read, its a scientifically proven fact. And so when you have that self written note, it is very helpful during the review of that particular course or subject before examinations. 

4.    Practice previous years question papers   

One thing that you must do while preparing for examinations is you need to have at least previous 3-4 years question papers. Just  as in other board examinations, questions are repeated a lot even in Ignou examinations. If you cover practicing previous 3-4 years question papers then you can easily notice that almost 80% of the questions are repeated and in what patterns they are repeated.

5.     Have guidebooks

It may get very challenging task to make notes of all the courses along with collecting the previous years question papers and then again solving them. Hence to make the task much easier you can simply buy the guide books from the market. There are plenty of good guidebooks available that have all the notes required as well as the previous years question papers solved. And the best thing about guidebooks are that they are not very costly.

6.     Write less, write clean

Now when you are in exam hall answering the questions make sure you don't write too long answers just in hope of getting extra marks for your extra effort. The evaluator is more clever than you. And when there is word limit provided, just don't cross the limit,  its waste of time writing more than demanded.
                 And if you have bad handwriting then you have to be extra careful, you must write your answers neatly. No evaluator likes to keep reading the answers that are not clean and understandable.

7.     Believe in yourself and stay calm

Last but not the least, you must have believe in yourself that you can do it. Battle is lost even before the war when you don't believe that you can pass the exams. Stay positive and calm no matter what exam it is. Don't let exam fever scare you.

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