New to IGNOU and just came to know that you need to write assignments of the courses that you have opted for? Even if you have never done any academic assignments in your entire life, in the next few paragraphs you are going to learn how to prepare assignments no matter if its of IGNOU or any other university or school.

Things that you will need while doing the assignment 

Before beginning the assignments you will need to have the stuffs mentioned below.

  • Assignment Question Papers 
  • Study Materials 
  • Guidebooks
  •  A4 papers.
  • Blue and Black pen.
  • Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener and Scale 
  • Printed and Designed Front Page
  • Spiral Binding materials 
Once you have got all the stuffs mentioned above, then now its time to start the assignments. Below is the step by step guide to prepare the assignment.

8 Easy Steps to Prepare IGNOU Assignment

     1. Get the Assignment Question Paper

       First of all you will need the Assignments Question Papers of the courses of which you are going to write the Assignment. The best way to collect the Assignment Question paper is to download it from the official website of the IGNOU.

     2. Find the Answers

        The questions on those question papers are supposed to be answered and the best way to find the answers of those questions are to find it in study materials of the relative courses or even better way to find answers is having a guidebook. A guidebook usually have all the readymade answers of the course related questions.

     3. Start Writing the Answers

        Once you have all the answers of the questions, you can start writing it down on A4 sized paper. But before you start writing make sure you make  boundary lines with the help of pencil and scale on all four sides of the paper about 1 inch inside the edge. Making boundaries creates a box like structure inside of which your content is supposed to be written. This makes the written stuff look clean and attractive.

     4. Create a Front Page or a Cover Page

        After completing the writing tasks you have almost finished the assignment tasks. Next all you need is to make a cover page for your assignment that will appear in the front of your assignment and will contain all the information regarding the assignment course and the student as well.

     5. Fill up the Assignment Submission Slip

        The only  thing that will exist above the Front Page of your Assignment is the Assignment Submission Form. You can download this form from internet and print it out or you  can even get it from your IGNOU Study Center. Fill up the Form Completely  and Correctly since it is compulsory to attach the Assignment Submission Form with the Assignment while submitting the Assignment.

     6. Arrange the Assignment Papers in Order

        Once you have got all the papers like Assignment Question Paper, Answer sheets, Front Page and Assignment Submission Form its time to arrange all these stuffs in perfect order. First of all keep your Assignments answer sheets in order then put the Assignment Question Paper on top of the Answer Sheet. Next add the Front Page on top of the Question paper and finally put the Assignment Submission Form on top of the Front Page. 

     7. Do the binding of the Assignment

        After arranging all the stuffs in order your assignment copy is ready for binding. You can do the spiral binding of that assignment yourself or you can get it done from any nearest shop where spiral binding is done. And after you have done the spiral binding of the assignment your assignment is ready to be submitted.

     8. Submit the Assignment

        After step 7 your Assignment is ready to be submitted in the Study Centre. Double check your assignment before submitting the assignment to make sure you have inserted all the papers of your answer sheets, you have filled up the Assignment Submission Form Correctly and have provided all the necessary information in the Front Page. Once you submit the assignment don't forget to collect the teared part of the assignment submission form. 

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