Some of the most important documents regarding Assignment

Are you about to submit the assignment but you are missing the important documents/slips/pages? If yes then you are on right place to get all those documents that are required.

           You will certainly need some documents before submitting the assignment to the study centre. There are three documents that are most important and are must required documents. Having these documents already makes your task a lot easier. These three documents that you  must have are given below:
  1. Assignment Question Paper
                      Assignment question paper is like the backbone of your assignment. Without it you first of all can't do the assignment since you will have no question to solve and write down. But suppose you got the assignment questions somehow from internet or friend but still if you don't have the hard copy of the assignment question paper then also you can't submit the assignment because attaching the assignment question in front of your assignment copy is must and without it your assignment is likely  to be rejected.
                       Hence you must download the assignment question paper of the your course and print it out since hard copy of assignments question paper is needed anyhow.

                       Click here to download the assignment question paper and read more about it

     2. Assignment Front page

                  After you are done writing your assignment and have already attached the assignment question paper on the front the assignment then now its time to add a beautiful and a tidy looking front page which will have all the information written on it such as your name, enrolment number, course name, course title, your address, contact number etc. Having an attractive front page to your assignment is a bonus, who knows you may get 1-2 marks extra for that.
                      Hence make sure you have an attractive and neat looking front page of your assignment. Below we have provided three different front pages, choose the one that you like.

                   Click here to download the front page(1)

                   Click here to download the front page(2)

                   Click here to download the front page(3)

       3.  Assignment Remittance Cum Acknowledge Form

                      Last but not the least, the most important among the three is the Assignment Remittance form. Attaching the acquisition slip(completely filled) in the very front of the assignment copy is compulsory.
                    After submitting the assignment you are given the half part of that form signed and stamped which is your proof that you have submitted the assignment. And which also is required during checking the assignment marks in the study centre and also required if there s any issue regarding the assignment.
                    If you do not have that slip and you are searching for it then you can get it by clicking the link below.

                    Click here to download Assignment Remittance cum Acknowledge Form      

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