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                             Are you continuously searching assignments solutions or answers of questions of the assignments on Google and still unable to find the answers even after wasting a lot of time on internet? But wait, you surely have found the ready made assignment solutions which can be very helpful to you and may get you good marks in the assignment as well as save your very precious time.
        But what is wrong with them that you don't want those assignment solutions? Yes, the problem is the solutions are not for free. Assignment Solutions are expensive, in fact some of the assignments costs more than 800 Indian rupees on some websites.
        So the best way to get your assignment done is by solving and doing the assignment on your own and which is not a bad choice because while doing assignment you end up studying your course materials.
         But who will not like it when you are getting your readymade assignment solutions? And that also for free, yes, after seeing a lot of struggle of students we provide the assignment solutions to the students for free.

How to get assignment solution for free    

        One more way to get assignment solution from us for free is by dropping one assignment and picking another assignment. We call this idea "Help and get helped" because by dropping one or more assignments you are helping someone else who is also struggling to get the free assignment solution.
"Help and get helped" idea is based on simple system which was used by earlier humans when there was no currency system in use, the system is termed as "Barter System". In this system, people used to exchange stuffs. Similar system is used by blood banks as well.
        So, here all you need to do is give one solved assignment which you already have and in return you can take the desired assignment solution. In this way you help yourself as well as others also. If you want 2 assignment solutions then provide two, if 4 then provide 4, its as simple as that. It doesn't matter what course assignment you submit and what course assignment you take.

Another way to get IGNOU Assignment Solutions for free

         In case if you don't have the assignment to submit then just relax, go and follow our Facebook Page and we will provide you any one of the Assignment Solution for free.

         If you need more more than one assignment solution and you don't have Assignment Solution file to exchange then you can just buy the Assignment Solution for the Lowest Price of ₹39 only.

Conditions for getting free assignment solution

  • Like our Facebook page first to ask for the key of the file.
  • Ask for the Assignment key only on Facebook and not on mail. 
  • The assignment solutions that you provide must be in PDF format.
  • The solution file must not have any brand promotion or logo on it.
  • If you want to provide your details in the file then you can write your name, contact details, etc at the end page of the solution file.
  • The solution file must have all the questions answered correctly.
  • Old, previous years/sessions assignment solutions are not accepted.  
  • If you want to buy Assignments for the lowest price then mail us on the mail ID mentioned below.
  • Assignment donations are always welcomed and appreciated.
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