All Latest IGNOU Assignment Question Papers

Get all the latest IGNOU assignment question papers here course wise. But before you download the assignments you must have information about the assignments that you are about to download and supposed to do.

Is it compulsory to do the assignment?

              Yes it is compulsory to do the assignment and there is no alternative for this. In case if you fail to submit the assignment of any particular course then you are not allowed to fill up examination form for that particular course or if somehow your examination form gets submitted and you get allowed to appear in the examination of that particular course then also your answer sheet gets rejected and your marks are not declared.
             It does not matter you pass or fail in the IGNOU assignment but you must submit the assignment before filling up the exam form or appearing in the Term End Examination. You can even submit blank assignment just to get the permission to appear in the examination.
             It is also compulsory not just to submit the assignment but also to pass the assignment in order to pass that particular course completely. In case if you submitted the assignment and then appeared in the Theory Exam of the course of which you submitted the assignment and you pass the theory paper but fail in assignment then it is not counted as pass, i.e., you should redo the assignment and pass it as well so that you can pass that course completely.   

When to do the assignment?

As soon as you complete your registration or admission to the IGNOU, you are provided the study materials of the courses you have opted for. You are supposed to go through those study materials thoroughly and then you have to do the assignments of those courses.
              You should do the assignment only after 8 months after your re-registration or admission so that you can appear in the Term End examination of the next session of which you got admission or re-registration making it a year gap between your admission/re-registration and examination.For example: If you got admission in the June'18 session then you should submit the assignment the in March'19 so that you can appear in the June'19 examination. Similarly, if you got admission in the December'18 then you should submit the assignment in September'19 and hence appear in the Term End Examination of December'19.     

How to get the IGNOU Assignment question paper?

           You can get all you assignment question papers right here. Just select your course and then download the assignments of the courses that you have opted for.

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