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IGNOU being one of the largest open university of the entire world offers more than 200 numerous academic programmes at Bachelors, Masters and PhD level as well as various certificate courses.
                                                                                                                                                                                After the candidate gets enrolled to any of the academic programmes the IGNOU provides the study materials to the student of the courses that the student have opted for. The study materials are delivered to the students by post right to the student’s doorstep. Students usually receives the study materials within a month  but sometimes the study materials gets delayed due to numerous reasons although IGNOU does not take responsibility for the delay in delivery of study materials because of the courier services.

What is Study Material?

Study Materials are printed self-instructional materials/books of the courses that candidates opt for. Study Materials are provided by IGNOU to the candidates for both theory and practical components of the programmes in the form of blocks. Each of the block contains 3-5 unit. Study materials are prepared by team of highly qualified professors and experts of their own field. The Study materials provided covers all the topics that are in the course syllabus.

Why study material is important?

Having study material with the IGNOU students is very important because it is the study material that the student needs to refer while solving the questions of the assignments of different courses.
Study materials are also required while attending the counseling sessions as well it is required while attending the practical classes.
And most importantly it is very important to the students while learning the lessons since because the concepts of the topics are explained in very simple and easily understandable manner in study materials so that students don’t find it difficult to understand any topic. And hence is it very important also during examinations because study materials are very important source of notes.

Check your Study Material Status

If you have just taken admission to IGNOU or you just did registration and have not received your study materials yet then you can check your study material status and can get the information whether the IGNOU has dispatched your study materials or not. Check your study material status by clicking the links given below:

Get e-Study Materials here

In case if you have not received study materials because of any reason or you misplaced or lost your course study material and you want to use study material for any cause, maybe for solving assignments or for preparing notes or just to study then you can easy get all the study materials that you need in Pdf format here for free.       
                                        Below the study materials sections are divided according the different programmes.


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